Surely I come quickly

CFC 2022 

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Summer Break for Bible Study


Gift Received At Christ Expense

Grace is God's unmerited favor which is bestowed upon us through our faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We cannot earn it or work for it . It is God's Grace alone which saves us.
Not our works.
Ephesians 2:8-9.


What a Friend we have in Jesus

Do you have trails and temptations? Do you see trouble everywhere? We should never  be discouraged. Take it to the Lord  in prayer. We can find a friend so faithful who will share all our sorrows ? Jesus knows our every weakness: Take it to  the Lord in Prayer.


Faith, Hope and Love

makes all things possible.
makes all things work.
makes all things easy.


"Surely, I come Quickly" 

About the Rapture,
second Coming,
the signs of the times,
the end of the world
and Armageddon.
The truth is becoming reality. ARE YOU READY?

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